Good Practice To Avoid Potenital Danger of Sexual Assualt

1. When leaving a social gathering or public place, always try to leave with other people to avoid walking on streets alone.

2. If you must walk, plan your route on streets with public places and lots of street lighting.

3. When going to a social gathering with friends, always arrange a ride home ahead of time.

4. Always have a backup plan--if your DD is unable to give you a ride home, make sure you have enough money for a taxi.

5. Keep your drink and food close to you at all times to ensure it isn’t drugged.

6. If you hit it off with someone at a social gathering, don’t leave with them. Instead, stay in a public place and if you’d like to get to know them better ask for a phone number.

7. Stay in big groups and look out for your friends.

8. If you’re walking alone at night, take your keys and stick them through your fingers. They can be used to jab an attacker and provide an opportunity to escape.