Turning bystanders into Upstanders

Upstanders is seeking to provide tailored advice for dangerous situations including but not limited to harassment, assault and stalking for both bystanders and the person(s) in danger. After determining and evaluating the subject’s danger and surroundings, Upstander either provides safe ways for bystanders to intervene or immediate advice to the person in danger to escape the situation. Upstanders is hoping to change these statistics through tailored, specific advice.

1/4 college women have been
exposed to rape or attempted rape

16,821 teens called the
New York City
domestic violence hotline last year

Nearly half (43%) of dating college women
report experiencing violent
and abusive dating behaviors.

In U.S, every 107 seconds
someone is sexually assaulted.

One-third of all female murder
victims were killed by
an intimate partner.